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C3’s first sprint backlog

c3wifefirstbacklogLots of our friends, coworkers and cousins had a baby recently. Each of them have this picture of the baby at the hospital with a very cute hat written “My first hat” on it. There is this obssession with babies and the first time they get something done: first step, first word, first day at school, first whatever! C3 having no head or feet can’t have what other children have, but still have it’s first something. We have been talking about it for a while, but today mark the beginning of the first sprint and this comes with a very nice backlog. This is a task-list based on the scrum method, which is gaining popularity in the technology field. Obviously, since my husband is doing this part time we won’t put an end date to the sprint, but at the end, we intent to release something for you my fellow reader, in order to get your comments.

It was hard for me at first to define how to list this. In my husband head, it took the form of a recursive algorithm, while a backlog should be linear (without ifs or gotos) So here I’m unfolding this for you:

Sprint 1: Build a PEG parser with semantic actions that will be able able to regenerate ifself
-Parse PEG description file (without semantic actions) – Done
-Display concrete syntactic tree with the console – Done
-Build the abtract syntactic tree – In progress (Done but not tested)
-Display abstract syntactic tree with the console
-Create a generator of all previous steps
-Parse PEG description file with semantic actions
-Build the abstract syntactic tree with semantic actions
-Adapt the generator with semantic actions

This is a proof of concept. If the PEG parser generator can regenerate itself, (and again, and again) this will be a proof that the algorithm is working. After that he’ll concentrate on the next step: Update the C3 grammar with all the new thing he though about in the last few years!