Double-sided discovery

Yesterday my husband found out about YARD, yet another recursive descent. If you read the description in the article he send me this morning, you’ll find out it does mostly what I described in my latest post (PEG Parser). The problem is, he already have coded most of the features that exist in this library and there is no point redoing everything once again. Inspiration on the other hand is a very good thing.

The main problem is that YARD doesn’t fully support semantic actions and pegtl (another library based on YARD) doesn’t work with many compilers because it uses unreleased feature of C++0x.

This is another proof that the world needs a unified way to share code. YARD have been existing as early as 2004 and yet, he didn’t stumble upon it while searching with google in december. It took an article on Dr. Dobb’s to learn about it. The date: january 2009; five year after the first publication.

Funny thing, the author, Christopher Diggins, lives in the same province, not that far from our place. Almost looks like a trend in our area!

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