No news, big news…

Once again, a major project at my job has taken a lot of my energy, leaving me little time to write about C³. No complain from my part here, the intensity of those moments is what shapes us into improving ourselves. And beside, working with such a creative team is never a burden. So now that my work on Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is coming to an end, I started writting again, and it is now time to tell about the big projects coming up.

We have been saving money on the side for this day; and everything was folding into place. Alex completed the feature he was working on at work, and started a full sabbatical year a few weeks ago. There are two goals for this time period, take care of his health and bring C³ to the point where it can be released and shown to the world.

The first assignment was to make c3wife enjoyable again. GoDaddy’s server became so slow, editing the web site was a real pain. So we moved the site to a new server that is much closer to us. If you experience problems with this transition, don’t hesitate to tell us about it.

This big change should give me more to talk about, if I don’t get consumed in all my other projects. I have to keep on working hard but hey, I have a househusband! I joke a lot about that, but I know that in reality, he is going to work hard to give you the best programming language ever. He just have to fight the few pitfall from working at home. When I talked about this to my former boss, he told me “you cannot prevent someone from living his dream forever”; I believe he’s right, we are embracing it, and it starts september 2010!

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