Food, challenges and inspiration

This time it was a fantastic week-end, we had a meal with an old friend and an unexpected guest. Can it get any better than a table, with nice (french-canadian) food on it, and intelligent people around it, talking about programming language design? Aside from being wise and clever, what our new friend brought was experience. Insights from others that went down the road of creating a programming language is a precious thing. We learned a lot about the challenges that waits ahead.

We spent a large part of the conversation challenging Alex on his design. Until this day, a few friends had challenged him and I also do the same on a daily basis. But our two guests had a different approach, they have a lot of experience with C++ and other languages, and are actively participating in the D 2.0 effort. They are somewhat part of the competition! This time, I switched side and practiced my own sales pitch to stand by my husband. We had to cross the language barrier as well, English being a second language for everyone.

This challenge was very stimulating, discovering what others seek into a programming language, finding about things we never thought about, explain ideas and try to be convincing about them, and the most important, having fun doing all that. We also reached a point where things were not defined, or refined enough to explain it to someone else, there we had to realize the necessity of putting things down on paper.

After all this, I was bursting with ideas about the importance of documentation in the elaboration of a clear vision. I started working on a new twist of the iterative methodology and couldn’t stop. We went to a Christmas music concert and I started writing everywhere on the concert program. I wanted to write a blog post about this, but I have to calm down and make something organized with all this before it becomes possible.

The dynamic between the two of us is taking shape with each challenges, what is my role into all this, and where he has to work alone. I am growing skills in communication and management in my day job, but in the end, he is the technical expert. This is probably to our advantage, we complete each other in so many ways. They say that behind every great man there’s a great woman, with such a great husband, I will have to surpass myself to keep this saying true.


2 thoughts on “Food, challenges and inspiration

  1. I like your drawing a lot.

    About competition between languages, I believe the world would be better if all programming languages were great. So even though I think I’ve found a great language to work with today, I’d like to bring my ideas for C³ too. If one of you two want an opinion on something, you know my email. 🙂

  2. Hey, the text is lots of babble but I feel the drawing capture a lot of the great moment we shared.

    I really like the way you say it, this is a friendly competition, we all benefit from this. C³ after all is build upon the work of many decades of programming language research and experimentation.

    Your (candid) opinion is always welcome and useful. I try to write here as much as possible to trigger others, especially my friends, to give us feedback. There as been very constructing feedback in the comments lately!

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