Why the name C3

My husband told me last night the meaning of the name C3. He surprised himself not having already told me about this a long time ago. Of course, the notion of a third C comes to the mind, the first and second ones being C and C++. That’s all right and my husband think that it’s a worthy successor, one that keeps the spirit of its predecessors, at least more than other pretenders like C# and D.c3wifewhatisc3

You can call it “C three” if you want, but in fact the real pronunciation is “C cubed”. This notion of volume expresses the orthogonality of the language, the fact that all paradigms can be used in conjunction with the others. In fact Cn would have suited the language better, but still, the notion of volume says something very important: what is drawn inside simple axis is bigger than the sum of its basic elements.

For some times he thought about changing the language name, maybe break out with the C legacy. But when you called something by a name for that many year, it’s hard to get rid of it. I put an ultimatum on this when I bought my domain name. There is no intention to change it now.

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  1. Hye,
    I’ve been watching closely the evolution of C3 probably ever since it’s been appearing on the web. I daresay that I am very interested. Currently, I’m building a website with a few friends. We call it Audacious Computing. The site focuses mainly on how to create your own (altough there will also have a few downloads softwares).

    The reason for this email is very simple. I was wondering if, when C3 would be released, we could write and post C3 tutorials and download links on our website (maybe even building a C3 IDE, if none exists). After all, it would be profitable for all of us!
    Anyway, please contact me if you’re interested.

    All the best,
    Martin Naud

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