Compiled or interpreted

Will C3 be compiled of interpreted? This is the question c3friend asked us a few days ago. As the answer is not trivial, I think it’s worthy of its own post.

The short answer: both. But this is not very satisfying isn’t it? The priority is for a compiled version, mostly because this is the way to get the most performance out of it. Of course multiple targets will be available, Windows and Mac OS X being our two platform at home, I suppose they will get priority.

Some advanced metaprogramming features however will need an interpreter at compile time. Once this is done, there will be no reason not to release this for others that would need it as a scripting language for their application.

My husband really enjoys answering questions on which he had already though for a while, I asked a lot already, and you just did too! As of myself, I enjoy beach, maya ruins, snorkeling and piña colada a lot more than the long walk up to the wifi spot. This is why I’m going to post many articles at the same time. You should have time to read them all before I get back and post some more, hi hi!

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