Winter is back

winterisbackOh here I am to my first « why I haven’t been writing » blog post. I received a comment today asking why I let the site down for so much time, so I have to give an answer at least. So I’m back from a long trip to Europe, which was wonderful. Most of our family, friends and coworkers found pretty weird that I decided to leave without my husband. We both had the same amount of vacation but we have different priorities, for him C3 is on top!

Summer has been a very busy time; because we live in the north, we have a very short period where we can actually work on the house and breathe non-frozen air. On the other hand, in the winter, there is nothing else to do other than cuddle, blog and write compilers.

So everyone rejoice, winter is back and we are also back on working on C3. I say we, but he actually did quite a bunch of things while I was away. He finished writing the PEG parser (now named IPG) and is now starting to write the generator. Also, he read a bunch of things that may have an impact of the C3.

The main discovery was LLVM, or low level vitual machine; some kind of assembly language but ultra portable. It features an amazing level of optimization and flexibility that makes it a very good candidate for a first back-end.

on-the-edge-commodoreThe book about the history of Commodore was an interesting read he says, but is probably more teaching about what not to do. I’m not sure if he did finish the book on ANTLR, a parser generator, seems it doesn’t match his need.
cover-bigHe is now reading Coders at Work. He really liked Founders at Work and is stimulated by those insider’s insights. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it really helps me with my inspiration!

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