First impression

We finally found an wireless connection at the hotel, this should make update easier; and my mother-in-law more comfortable. I understand that she was worrying after a full week of silence.

I show this site for the first time to three programmer friends this morning, here is what they said:

  • Will it support web programming?
  • Can I write the first book about C3?
  • I’ll talk to you later, I’m late for class!

About web programming, the language itself is designed to support mostly everything we know of, including web-oriented programming. The real answer would be: when someone implement support for it, it will become available. Some basic web functionality may be developed early in the process or maybe a javascript backend, but we aren’t there yet. In fact, the web may have changed a lot by the time C3 becomes mature enough to make full support of it. If you are interested in implementing this for the C3 community, you should be able to do it soon!

The first book about C3 will be written by myself, or so I hope! My husband is already writing more technical things on the side but I won’t publish them for now as too much things are still changing. After a bit more discussion, my friend agreed to write the first “C3 for dummies” which is fine by me!

And finally, my student friend is clearly too satisfied with Java to be interested in C3, ah ah, I’m kidding. Still, we are aware that there is many thing to build before entering the competitive world of programming languages. While my husband is working on the core aspects, the main interest remains the creative process of designing a programming language.

Starting to write about C3 has been a powerful kick off for this project which had been standing by for too long. Each answer he gives me opens new doors for other questions. I haven’t been far in the language description so far but don’t hesitate if any question crosses your mind, I’ll be happy to ask my husband!

Last note: english is a second language to me, don’t hesitate to point me any mistakes I could have made.

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